Ballasted Ground Mounts


One High Ballasted Ground Mount

Single Solar Panel high Rows in Portrait Orientation.


Two High Ballasted Ground Mount

Two High Solar Panel Rows in Portrait Orientation.

Ballast block foundation assembly image.


  • Pre-Cast Ballast w/ Anchor Bolts & Plates Pre-assembled.
  • Patented Articulating & Leveling Post design.
  • Telescoping post adapter for rolling elevation.
  • Minimal ground PSF design for capped landfills.
  • 50 KSI, G90, 11 Gage Steel.
Image of truss component for ground mount solar racking.


  • Stamped with galvanized coating.
  • JS 500 finish mounting hardware
  • Fits 60, 72, and 96 cell panels
  • Multiple angle 15° 20° 25° & 30°
  • 50 KSI, G90, 11 Gage Steel.
Image of 208


  • 243″ long with 4″ overlap.
  • 239″ Spacing center to center.
  • Z Channel profile with top mounting clamps.
  • Mounting holes for wire management.
  • 50 KSI, G90, 11 Gage Steel.

Ballasted Ground Mount Overview


- Patented Articulating Post Design - Adaptability to Landfill contours. Read More
- Adjustable Up and Down telescoping tube for rapidly changing slope. Read More
- 20 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Read More
- Standard tilt angles of 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. (Custom Avail.)


UL 467 listed & UL 2703 recognized grounding top clamp system.


- Post, Truss, and Purlins are composed of 50 SKI, G90 - 11 gage steel.
- Hardware is composed of Serrated Flanged, JS500 galvanized nuts and bolts.

Pre-Cast Ballasted Advantage

The Myth

Commercial & Utility Scale Solar Developers have undoubtedly heard of or used “Pour In Place” Solutions.  These systems often boast of cost savings on Utility Scale Solar projects, however often result in the opposite.  Pour In Place ballast systems require increased on site labor as well as costly concrete pumping equipment for the duration of the project.

Precast Ballasted Ground Mount Advantage

Precast Ballasted Ground Mounts arrive fully assembled to the solar construction site.  The concrete blocks are poured and cured off site, after which the Post and Truss are assembled.   The concrete block, post and truss arrive on the site to be placed immediately into position on the solar field.

Pour On-Site or Off-Site

Avoid on-site labor costs by pouring and assembling the product off site.  Or, when the availability on labor costs merit, pour the blocks and assemble them on site.

Impact On Cost

Labor costs are a significant portion of utility scale solar investment.  The precast solar ground mount reduces on-site labor by as much as 1/3.  Furthermore, unforeseeable material and labor costs associated with Pour in Place designs often plague the bottom line for EPCs.  Precast deliveries completely avoid these unforeseen labor and equipment costs.

Ballast block placement installation photo

Ballasted Ground Mount Solar Projects

Ballasted Solar Mount

Concrete contracting & Solar Racking Assembly

Concrete Pour Site Location

Pouring concrete ballast blocks is most cost effective when performed on the solar construction site.  Except, when to do so would incur heavier labor costs than an off-site pour would incur.  In these cases, nearby concrete plants are often accommodating of the pouring, cutting, and assembly to take place on their own concrete yards.  If on-site labor is expensive, pouring nearby the solar construction site will always be a cheaper solution.

besides on-site vs. off-site labor costs, location of the concrete ballast pour is important for two reasons.  First, the distance from the ballast pour location to the solar array will acquire shipping costs.  Secondly, the proximity to a source of ready-mix-concrete and/or delivery can also increase freight and delivery costs.

To begin making blocks, concrete forms are placed in large rectangular formations to accommodate the ballast block size.  The individual ballast size is determined by a structural engineer and is based on wind and snow loading.  Solar Mounts LLC offers stamped engineering services for all their solar mounting products.  3500 PSI concrete is used to pour the concrete ballast block.

Assembled ballast with posts and trusses photo.
Assembled Ballasts with Posts and Trusses
Concrete ballast block array of hundreds of posts.
Concrete Ballasts with Ballast Plates & Posts.

Cutting and assembly of Ballast Blocks.

During the delivery and pouring of concrete, workers will pull concrete evenly into the form.   After the concrete is poured evenly into the form it’s finished with a “Come Along”.  For larger concrete pours, extendable “Come Alongs” are used to finish the concrete.  The concrete must be allowed to cure for 24 hours before cutting into blocks.

The ballast blocks are then marked out with chalk lines for concrete saws to cut them to size.  The concrete blocks are first cut with a shorter saw.  The first cut makes a pilot line for the second larger concrete saw to complete the cut depth.  Once the blocks are cut, the mounting hardware can be assembled.

Articulating Elevating Post

Solar Mounts LLC’s patented MULTI-AXIAL ARTICULATED BALLASTED PHOTOVOLTAIC MOUNT is installed using anchor bolts into the ballast block.  After the concrete is cut, the holes for the anchor bolts are drilled using a pattern jig.   Additional workers follow the drilling and install concrete anchor bolts into the concrete.  The ballasted ground mount uses 1/2″ -11  4.75″ concrete anchor bolts to attach the articulating post.

The truss is then assembled to the post using 5/8″ galvanized serrated nuts.  At this point the ballast block, post, and truss are completely assembled and ready to be placed in the array.  The ballast blocks are placed into position prior to mounting purlin rails and mounting the solar panels.

Field of steel racking assembled to concrete ballasts.
Completely assembled ballast blocks.

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