Solar Carports


Y-Frame Solar Carport

Portrait or Landscape layouts.
48 Panels Per Section: 60, 72, and 96 cell panels.


T-Frame Solar Carports

Portrait or Landscape layouts.
48 Panels Per Section: 60, 72, and 96 cell panels.

Post component of carport assembly


  • Bolt to Design Mounts to foundation Cage
  • 2″ Leveling Nuts for Post Plum Adjustment
  • W8X16 – 1/2″ Galanized Steel
  • Multiple Clearance Heights Available
  • Conduit hole in Mounting Plate.
Truss component of solar carport.


  • Pre-Mounted Purlin Brackets built to order
  • Fits 60, 72, and 96 Cell Solar Panels.
  • 7° Up/Down Truss fit all carport designs.
Purlin Rail component of solar carport


  • C-Purlin with Pre Punched Mounting Holes.
  • Built to order – fits to any panel mounting holes.
  • Attachment includes UL 476 Certified Grounding.
  • Attachemnt includes UL 2703 recognized Grounding.
  • 50 KSI, G90, 14 Gage Steel.

Solar Carports Overview


- Adjustable leveling nuts for elevation & Post Plum. Read More
- Pre-Fabricated foundation cages with Optional Mounting Rig. Read More
- 20 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Read More
- Standard tilt angle 7°.


UL 467 listed & UL 2703 recognized grounding Bolt & Nut panel attachment.


- Purlins are composed of 50 SKI, G90 - 11 gage steel.
- Hardware is composed of Serrated Flanged, JS500 galvanized nuts and bolts.

Foundation cage in concrete.
Solar carport post and truss assembly.

Solar Carport Foundations - Impacts on Installation Cost

Illustrated guide to solar carport foundations & labor costs

Solar carport systems & designs

Solar energy installers know that the perfect solar carport depends entirely on the accuracy of the canopy foundations. The concrete columns must be poured in alignment at the correct elevation and the right spacing between posts. With the right alignment, spacing, and elevation of the solar carport posts, the roof line will be perfect.

Solar Mounts LCC, (SML) has been installing solar carport structures for over five years. Before SML began manufacturing their own solar canopy structures, the company had experience with several other systems. The difficulty of each system, always depended on the ease of the carport foundation installation.

Solar carport installation photo in Horsham PA
Solar carport structure purlin assembly.
Foundation cage photo for solar carport.
Carport foundation cage installed for concrete pour.

Solar Canopy Solutions that Matter

Through their experience, SML developed their solar carport system with elevation & alignment adjustment. As pictured below, separating the foundation from the I-beam column improved the commercial solar carport cost per watt. The Bolt together foundation cage allowed for increased adjustment on elevation as much as 4 inches. The foundation cage also allows for tolerance of 3 inches on spacing and 2 inches on alignment.

By utilizing a foundation cage, the installation process became much easier and faster. The construction crew could install and concrete an average of 25 carport foundations per week in optimal soil conditions. SML’s solar carport solution can be constructed with solar panels attached at a rate of 100 kW per week.

Installation labor cost of solar canopy designs

Avoid the costs of full length posts that require difficult shoring and have no adjustment. The structures come with incredibly high labor solar carport costs and offer no adjustment ability. The picture below illustrates the task of installing 30′ posts in the ground. The installer must rig creative shoring out of wood or steel to brace the post in the correct position.

The task of installing these posts with the correct spacing, elevation and alignment of the steel column is nearly impossible. The result is a solar carport structure with an uneven roof line that cannot be fixed. When carports cover parking areas with a sloppy roof line the customer is going to notice.

Example of a difficult foundation design with no post to ground adjust ability.

Solar Carport Projects

L-Frame Carport Sections

L-Frame solar carport sections.

Starter Section

Add-On Sections

T-Frame Carport Sections

T-Frame solar carport sections image.

Starter Section

Add-On Section

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