Bridgewater NJ Solar Installation

Solar installation photo in Bridgewater NJ.

Project Overview

The bridgewater NJ Solar installation was completed in the summer of 2016.  The Post Driven Ground Mount design was utilized to reduce cost on the open field.  Several locations on the array required posts to be embedded into existing asphalt and concrete on the site.  The C-Channel post structure was capable of being driven into the concrete and asphalt refusals which allowed for the project to maintain the low costs foundations associated with the ground mount design.

Project Results

The Bridgewater NJ solar installation was completed without any changes to the timeline.  The resulting array was aesthetically pleasing and completed within budget.  The installation team was able to complete the field within one and a half months utilizing a six person crew.

System Size

3.3 MW

Completion Date

May 2016

Solar Panel

Canadian Solar 320 Watt

Project Scope

Racking Supply & Installation