Manchester High School Solar Installation

Manchester high school ballasted roof mount installation.

Project Overview

The Manchester High School solar installation was composed of 1,121 solar panels.  The project required stringent layout revisions to fit correctly around roof top obstacles while achieving the correct PSF design for the roof loading requirements.  Solar Mounts LLC was able to maximize the available space and avoid obstructions with their design.

Project Results

The solar array was installed at no cost to the school or taxpayers.  Through the use of the Power Purchase Agreement the array was able to be installed without losing the Investment Tax Credit that is not available to publicly funded projects.  The resulting array fit perfectly within it’s parameters and will deliver significant savings to the energy bills endured by Manchester Regional High School.

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System Size

363 kW

Completion Date

November 2017

Solar Panel

Canadian Solar 330 Watt

Project Scope

Racking Supply