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We are a commercial & utility scale solar racking designer & manufacturer serving all territories in the United States. 
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Solar Mounting Solutions

SM’s products are all 100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

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One-Stop Shop

Solar Mounts LLC is a premier one-stop shop for all your commercial and utility scale solar racking needs. Specializing in post-driven ground mounts, ballasted ground mounts, solar carports and ballasted roof mounting systems. Offering solar racking design, manufacturing and mechanical installation of all of our solar mounting systems, as well as others. Contact us today for more information regarding our solar racking and mounting systems.

Is Your Solar Racking Lacking?

Solar racking and solar panel mounts are a critical component when considering installation costs.  Racking material costs on carports and ground mounts is often the only aspect considered during project budgeting.  The financial impact on soft costs are considerably important to the bottom line cost of utility scale solar installations.

In-House Design & Engineering

Our dedicated design team takes pride in crafting cutting-edge solar racking solutions. Specializing in comprehensive 2D AutoCad drawing sets, encompassing foundation details, top views, side views and a full bill of material for your solar racking system. With a commitment to detail and innovation, the design team also specializes in full solar project renderings. Offering a realistic preview of your project before moving to the next phase. Going the extra mile, providing full structural sets stamped by a structural PE to abide by local code and regulations, ensuring the project is permit-ready. Choose us for seamless integration of solar racking design, renderings and structural precision in your solar endeavors.


Solar Mounts LLC proudly manufactures all of our solar mounting solutions in the USA. Composed of 100% Domestic USA steel, compliable with the inflation reduction act domestic solar content incentives. We specialize in high quality materials, from G90 to G185 cold rolled steel, used for our solar ground mount posts, trusses and purlins, our ballasted roof mount purlins as well as our solar carport purlins. Our expertise extends to structural steel metal fabrication, particularly for solar carport and ballast ground mounts. Equipped with 8 fabrication welding stations, an I-beam line, 2 laser cutters and more in our state of the art facility located in Marshall, Michigan. Whether you are interested in our solar mounting products or seeking assistance with manufacturing your solar racking needs, reach out today.

Manufacturing Services


Completing the One-Stop-Shop for all commercial and utility scale solar racking, along with Solar Construction LLC, a sister company owned and operated by the owners, we offer full mechanical installation. Taking your solar project from soup to nuts, design through mechanical installation. Our full time traveling crews service the eternity of the United States and beyond. Equipped with an array of cutting edge technology and equipment, Solar Construction LLC specializes in Solar carport foundations, helical driving, ground screw, post pounding, racking installation and beyond. Explore the synergy of Solar Mounts LLC and Solar Construction LLC ensure efficient and precise mechanical solar installations.