Ballasted Ground Mounts

Cost effective non-penetrating Ballasted solar ground mounts designed with an emphasis on reducing installation labor costs.


Ballasted Roof Mount

The the ballasted solar roof mount features low cost and fast installation and is capable of shipments of 800 kW per truckload.


Post Driven Ground Mount

Post pounded solar ground mount with lowest cost and fastest install time with only three main components.


Solar Carport - Y Frame

Solar carport structures with center flow snow and rain mitigation. Bolted foundation design allows for easy installation and assembly.


Solar Carport - T Frame

T Frame Solar carports support landscape or portrait orientation and can be outfitted with snow and rain mitigation gutters.

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Solar Mounts LLC is a utility scale solar racking and solar carport manufacturer.  We have been serving the solar industry for the last ten years with streamlined solar mount designs built to last beyond the life of the solar project.

We offer solar mounting solutions with industry leading pricing and fastest installation time per watt.  Contact us directly for an estimate on your next utility scale photovoltaic project.

Our competitive advantage stems from two important variables.  Foremost, our experience in the solar industry has engrained the time constraints and difficulties that often arise during the solar project life cycle.  Through our experience, we are able to forecast supply chain bottlenecks and remedy construction site issues as they arise in real time.

Secondly, our robust in-house manufacturing facility allows for flexibility in the supply chain as well as faster and more cost efficient fabrication.

Solar Mounts LLC Carries a 20 year Manufacturer’s warranty on all ground mount, ballasted ground mount, ballasted roof mount, and solar carport products.

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Quality & Finish Specifications

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Installation Manuals & Equipment Specifications


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Is Your Solar Racking Lacking?

Ground mount solar racking and solar panel mounts are a critical component when considering installation costs.  Racking material costs on carports and ground mounts is often the only aspect considered during project budgeting.  The financial impact on soft costs are considerably important to the bottom line cost of utility scale solar installations.

Exploring the Total Cost

Racking manufacturers often position themselves based on material costs. This tact leads to overlooking the amount of time that installation takes.  On ground mounted solar panel systems, these costs significantly burden the timeline and solar project budget.  Multiple component solar racking such as mounting brackets and abundance of solar racking hardware increase the task time to complete a solar installation.

Solar Construction – Soft Costs

The best solar racking & mounting systems feature minimal components and attachment hardware.  Additionally, the amount of solar panels per post is a significant indicator of labor per solar panel costs.  To ensure minimal soft costs at the outset, comparing how many panels per post quantity of attachment hardware per panel is an indicator of the amount of cost in the installation.

Budgeting the Complete Solar Project

Solar Mounts LLC has ten years of experience in perfecting the solar ground mount and ballasted solar ground mount for reduced on-site labor.  Over the years Solar Mounts LLC has reduced hardware and racking components while increasing the panels per section.  The two high solar racking design allows for ten panels per section.  This translates to the most panels per post available in the solar Industry.

Conclusions – Utility Scale Solar

Solar construction costs are a significant portion of the costs associated with ground mounted solar installation.  Do not sacrifice labor efficiency for cheaper racking, most often the imbalance will be felt when it’s too late to rectify the cost.  The total cost of construction has to be considered in the racking purchase, especially in utility scale solar design.