Through our sister company, Solar-Construction, we offer mechanical installation services on all our products. With expertise in renewable energy racking systems, Solar-Construction ensures a seamless and efficient installation process that maximizes the potential for solar energy.

Solar-Construction has a registered apprenticeship program. This program is designed to provide comprehensive training and hands-on experience in order to build a bigger and better solar racking workforce. It follows the guidelines and criteria established by the Department of Labor, making it compliable with the Inflation Reduction Act.

Specializing in foundations (pier, spread and helical), steel erection and modulization. With a team of full-time traveling professionals, we can deliver services across all 50 states and beyond. Also, taking pride in our in-house equipment, with a fleet of full-sized cab trucks, multiple trailers, dump trucks, skid steers, mini-excavators and many more.

With experienced team members and comprehensive equipment, allows for solar-construction to take on all aspects of structural installation with efficiency and ease, ensuring the highest quality workmanship. A commitment to excellence, Solar Mounts and Solar-Construction is the only choice for a one-stop shop for commercial and utility scale solar racking.

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