Atlas Series

Post Driven Ground Mount

Features & Benefits
  • Multiple holes in post for section elevation adjustment.
  • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Standard tilt angles of 20°-45°. (Custom Avail.)
Solar Ground Mount Post Driven Two High


Used as Starter & Add-on Sections

One-High Post-Driven Ground Mount

Single Solar Panel high Rows in Portrait Orientation.
Five Panels Per Section: 60, 72, and 96 cell panels.

Two-High Post-Driven Ground Mount

Two High Solar Panel Rows in Portrait Orientation.
Ten Panels Per Section: 60, 72, and 96 cell panels.


View the parts that make up our solar carports.


  • Multiple holes in post for elevation adjustment.
  • Minimum components for decreasing labor costs.
  • Additional designs; I-Beam, Ground Screw, Helical.
  • C-Channel W4x7
  • 50 KSI, G90 and G185, 11 Gage Steel.


  • Stamped with galvanized coating.
  • JS 500 finish mounting hardware
  • Fits all solar modules
  • Multiple angle 20° -45°
  • 50 KSI, G90 and G185, 11 Gage Steel.


  • 208″ long with 4″ overlap.
  • 204″ Spacing center to center.
  • Z Channel profile with top mounting clamps.
  • Mounting holes for wire management.
  • 50 KSI, G90 and G185, 11 Gage Steel.

Precision Ground Mounting Solutions

Tailored Post and Embedment Options for Unmatched Versatility.

Post Options

SM provides multiple options of posts tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer. Our standard solar mounting post driven ground mount stands at 14’, constructed from high-quality cold-rolled G90 or G185 steel for exceptional durability. Additionally, we offer a versatile alternative with our standard I-beam post, customizable to local codes, wind and snow loads. All posts are out of the box designed for a minimal 2’ low edge height clearance from 0 – 40 degree tilts, with any module under 90 inches.

Embedment Options

In addition to our diverse post options, we recognize the challenges that can arise during the post embedding process. To address these challenges effectively, Solar Mounts LLC along with Solar Construction LLC, provides various applications, including ground screws and helicals, outside of a standard driven C-Channel or I-Beam to the appropriate depth. These solutions ensure adaptability to different ground conditions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to securely anchoring your solar mounting system.  These options are also available with our dual tilting, adjustable bolt down system.

Made to Stock & Easy to Assemble

SM’s solar ground mount solutions are meticulously crafted for efficiency and convenience. At SM, we take pride in our commitment to standardization, simplifying our ground mount racking into three main features. This approach allows us to maintain a robust inventory at any given time, providing our clients with unparalleled industry best-lead times. Not only does it get our product to our customers quicker, but the minimal competent design allows for easy installation, with an all bolt together system and no field welding required. Empowering our customers to seamlessly transition to their next project.

Projects using Post-Driven Ground Mount

South Harrison Pump
Mullica Hill, NJ
Franklin Mutual
Branchville, NJ
Sandwich, MA