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About Us

Solar Mounts is a solar racking manufacturer specializing in carports, ballasted ground mounts, post driven ground mounts, ballasted roof mounts, and sub-contracting installation.

The company offers initial design and engineering drawings/calculations for utility scale and large commercial solar projects.

What We Do

Solar Mounts LLC is a utility scale solar racking and solar carport manufacturer.  We have been serving the solar industry for the last ten years with streamlined solar mount designs built to last beyond the life of the solar project.

We offer solar mounting solutions with industry leading pricing and fastest installation time per watt.  Contact us directly for an estimate on your next utility scale photovoltaic project.

How We Do It

Our competitive advantage stems from two important variables.  Foremost, our experience in the solar industry has engrained the time constraints and difficulties that often arise during the solar project life cycle.  Through our experience, we are able to forecast supply chain bottlenecks and remedy construction site issues as they arise in real time.

Secondly, our robust in-house manufacturing facility allows for flexibility in the supply chain as well as faster and more cost efficient fabrication.