Energy Storage on the Horizon

Photovoltaic energy production has always been pitted against it’s arch enemy, night time.  The sun buries lower in the sky and by late afternoon the last inverter can be heard clicking off.  Autonomy, the time a battery bank is able to supply energy without solar production is the main culprit in the increased expenses of off grid photovoltaic systems.

In recent years the solar industry has been exploring developments in the world of batteries.  To conquer the energy storage dilemma battery cost has been targeted as the culprit.  Technological advances are also closing the gap for off grid systems.  Areas of the US with higher average sun hours per day will become increasingly desirable for employing energy storage systems.

EPC’s across the globe have begun researching and deploying energy storage systems in high yield areas.  The applications for energy storage are immense.  In many circumstances, large scale energy storage can cure headaches such as transmission congestion, power issues, and arbitrage.  Furthermore households in areas such as Arizona and Nevada can achieve economic off-grid homes.

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