Solar Energy – Inflation Reduction Act

Have you been considering making an investment to your commercial property by adding solar?

Now could be the perfect time to do so with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) being passed. The IRA will provide many benefits within the Solar Energy industry. Some of these provisions include massive tax credits and incentives for solar developments in the following categories: Utility-Scale, Commercial, Industrial, Non-Profit, Third-Party-Owned Residential properties and more. Under the IRA, Solar Developers and Investors will be able to choose the path of a Premium Tax Credit or an Input Tax Credit. Some of these solar tax credits can be over 50%. This sounds like an excellent, solar opportunity to us.

More information regarding the Solar Energy World and the impact the IRA will have on it can be found at the link below, provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association.

SEIA Inflation Reduction Act: Solar Energy Provisions Summary

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