Energy Storage on the Horizon

Photovoltaic energy production has always been pitted against it’s arch enemy, night time.  The sun buries lower in the sky and by late afternoon the last inverter can be heard clicking off.  Autonomy, the time a battery bank is able to supply energy without solar production is the main culprit in the increased expenses of … Read more

Increased Photovoltaic Efficiency

Newly published findings point to increased possible production efficiency in solar cells.  Historically, affordable photovoltaic cells have been subject to the “Shockley Queisser limit”.  Queisser’s limit concludes that single junction cells are only capable of achieving a maximum of 29% to 33% efficiency in photovoltaic production.  Marc Baldo, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science professor at … Read more

Community Solar Power Summit 2019

The Community Solar Summit Join the community solar summit in Philadelphia this year to hear from keynote speakers on the cutting edge of community solar programs. These programs allow for energy consumers to take advantage of the leveled costs associated with larger solar array installations. Community solar projects are a great alternative to residential installations. … Read more