Expanding our Solar Carport Portfolio in Massachusetts

Solar Mounts LLC is proud to announce the expansion of our project portfolio in Massachusetts. Our 100% Made in USA Solar carports are making waves, with one of the most impressive installations at Signature Health in Brockton, MA. This project, along with many others have been recently completed. We are excited to expand our portfolio in MA, with many more project in the pipeline.

Signature Health: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Energy

One of our flagship projects is located at Signature Health in Brockton, MA. This impressive solar structure, a custom long-span carport, covers a staggering 97,000 square feet, showcasing the power and potential of solar energy. Producing 2.8mwdc of clean energy, this structure not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also demonstrates economic viability. With features like LED underlighting and security cameras, Signature Health is leading the charge in adopting renewable energy solutions.

Hopkinton Schools Embrace Solar Power

Moving to Hopkinton, both the Middle and High Schools are embracing solar power with our innovative carport designs. Combining for 740kwdc, these structures not only provide clean energy but also offer practical benefits such as covered parking for buses and vehicles. With every component, including posts and trusses, made in the USA, these installations showcase our commitment to quality and local manufacturing.

Framingham Welcomes Solar Innovation

Fuller School stands as a testament to Framingham’s commitment to sustainability. Solar Mounts LLC has installed 380kW of solar panels in the form of three Y-frame structures. This installation not only reduces the school’s carbon footprint but also serves as an educational tool, teaching students about the importance of renewable energy. Just down the road, Temple Beth Shi showcases some more of Solar Mounts LLC, 100% Made in America, solar carports. With a mixture of L and Y Frames, almost the entirety of the parking lot is covered. The L frames covering the student drop off areas.

Diversifying Solutions: From Carports to Ground Mounts

Transitioning to New Bedford, we proudly present a stunning custom east-west long span solar installation, complemented by a blend of standard T and L frames. Notably, this project marks our inaugural venture into louvered systems, showcasing our evolving design and manufacturing prowess. This accomplishment solidifies Solar Mounts LLC as your comprehensive solution provider for all solar racking requirements. While our focus has primarily been on solar carports, Solar Mounts LLC is not limited to one type of installation. In Sandwich, MA, we installed a 510kW post-driven ground mount system, showcasing our ability to adapt and innovate. With a unique east-west design, this ground mount solution provides another avenue for harnessing solar energy effectively.

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