Long-Span Carports – Connectivity on Any Scale

Sustainable energy in commercial and industrial settings has been sought after for over 100 years. In an effort to bring that search to a halt, Solar Mounts LLC has introduced a new modification to our carport solar panel mounting system. The long-span carport system is capable of going above and beyond to give you a seamless, “one-piece” finish for your carport array(s). With steel and hardware forged 100% in the USA, our commitment to American manufacturers guaranteed and reinforced by their dependability.

The long-span carport has been key in tying together the project at Signature Health hospital in Brockton, MA. These carports cover a staggering 97,000 square feet and produce 2.8MW(DC) of clean reusable energy. Rising above multiple rows of parking and tied together with our truss connection plates, Signature Health was given shelter for medical transport, faculty parking, and peace of mind to everyone involved. The arrays also host LED lighting features and security cameras, exemplifying practicality and sustainability in our mounting systems.

No matter the scope or scale of the project, Solar Mounts LLC and our mounting solutions are guaranteed to find you a reliable means of harnessing the sun.

Expanding our Solar Carport Portfolio in Massachusetts